Molecule of the Month

Molecule of the Month August 2019:
An Enzymatic Process for the Synthesis of Melatonin
M. L. Contente, S. Farris, L. Tamborini, F. Molinari, F. Paradisi;
Green Chem., 2019, 21(12), 3263-3266; doi:10.1039/C9GC01374A

Awards and Honors

ICL 2017 Prize for Luminescence Research

Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Güdel has been awarded with the "ICL 2017 Prize for Luminescence Research", in recognition of his contributions to our understanding  of optical spectroscopy of rare earth and transition metal ions, upconversion, scintillation and energy transfer in inorganic solids.

Media Releases

Turbocharger for the cell machinery
Researchers of the University of Bern have discovered a new molecular regulatory mechanism in unicellular parasites which has never before been observed. RNA fragments do not act as brakes in the cell apparatus, but on the contrary as "stimulants": they boost protein production after periods of stress.
10.01.2019 Details see Media Release of the University of Bern