Board of Directors


Deputy Directors

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Division  Responsible  Deputy
Management / Human Resources  A. Schneider  P. Renaud
Finances / Materials  P. Renaud  N. Polacek
Room administration / Workshop /
Electronics / Facility Maintenance / Analytics (ARS)
 N. Polacek  A. Schneider

Responsibilities delegated by the Board of Directors

Division  Responsible  Deputy
Director of Studies Chemistry  J. Hulliger  C. von Ballmoos
Director of Studies Biochemistry  C. von Ballmoos  R. Häner
Director of Studies Pharmacy  R. Häner  J. Hulliger
Safety  M. Winter  S. Schürch
Apprentices  P. Küpfer  B. Beer
Assignment of Assistants  P. Broekmann  A. Stocker
IT  P. Macchi  J. Hauser
Library  K. Krämer  R. Häner
Qualitymanagement (QSE)  A. Stocker  


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