IT Support

IT Support provides the following services:

  • Software Orders and Licensing
  • Posterprint Service:
    Please visit Truninger AG directly to submit print jobs:
  • DCB-Infrastructure (FTP, Homepage, Access Control, Web Services)
  • Server Room
  • Room Reservation N212 (PC Pool)

IT Support DOES NOT provide the following services:

  • E-Mail und Account Management
  • Local Network and DNS Entries
  • Students (you get help from Informatikdienste)
  • Student Print Accounts (Fachverein Chemie)
  • Change contents of the CMS

Submission of request for assistance via email ( or online form. Please consult the knowledge books at before issuing a request.

  • The DCB-Support is not responsible for the computer needs of the groups.
  • Support requests can be made only by the group responsibles, except Secretaries, Workshop, Library, Materialverwaltung
  • If you have a request which is not supported, then you can contact Piero Macchi. Your request will be placed on a list and will be done eventually in the future.