Molecule of the Month

Molecule of the Month February 2021:
Tandem Mn–I Exchange and Homocoupling Processes
M. Uzelac, P. Mastropierro, M. de Tullio, I. Borilovic, M. Tarrés, A. R. Kennedy, G. Aromí, E. Hevia;
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2021, in press; doi:10.1002/anie.202013153

Awards and Honors

ICL 2017 Prize for Luminescence Research

Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Güdel has been awarded with the "ICL 2017 Prize for Luminescence Research", in recognition of his contributions to our understanding  of optical spectroscopy of rare earth and transition metal ions, upconversion, scintillation and energy transfer in inorganic solids.

Media Releases

Mechanism discovered how the coronavirus hijacks the cell
Researchers at the University of Bern and ETH Zurich have discovered a mechanism by which the corona virus manipulates human cells to ensure its own replication. This knowledge will help to develop drugs and vaccines against the corona virus.
14.09.2020 Details see Media Release of the University of Bern