Coronavirus - Information for Students

Information of the University of Bern

The latest information from the University of Bern concerning the current situation and the measures taken are published on the following page:


Information for students at the DCBP

The following information applies specifically to students at the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy:

The following rules are valid as of 22.2.2021 for courses of the spring semester 2021:

  • For courses in chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutical sciences you will be informed directly by the lecturers how the course will be conducted. Generally, lectures incl. exercises have to be held remotely again.
  • We would like to ask you for some patience, if Podcasts are maybe not always available at the exact moment of the lecture time. They still have to be prepared, if the lessons are not held as live-streaming.
  • Lab courses are still conducted on site, however, maybe in smaller group. Please follow the instructions of the lab course responsibles.
  • We are not making any adjustments in KSL/CTS regarding the form of teaching. Please, observe the information from the lecturers regarding the form of teaching.

Below you will find the current guidelines for the spring semester 2021 as well as the COVID19 rules valid for courses of the spring semester 2020 and the fall semester 2020.

Exams of the fall semester 2020 will take place online based on the information from the university management of 28.10.2020. Further DCBP specific details have been sent to the students by e-mail on 16.11.2020. Here the most important rules:

  • You will be informed directly by the lecturers of your courses at the latest 3 weeks before the exam about the exam mode of the various exams (e.g. orally over Zoom, written through ILIA-Übung, written through Qualtrics etc.).
  • The exam dates will stay the same. Exceptions can occur if a written exam is being changed into an oral exam. In this case a second day could be added.
  • No adjustments will be made in KSL. Please follow the instructions sent by the lecturers.
  • Written exams can be chanched into oral exams and vice versa.
  • The grading form will NOT be adjusted (no change from grades 1-6 to pass/fail)
  • The annulation rule oft he spring semester 2020 will NOT be applied in the fall 2020. All attempts count and therefore there are NO 3rd attempts available.
  • The directorates of studies can expect that the students have technical equipment like for example tablets/laptops, camera, SmartPhone available.

Annulment rules and 3rd attemps (only valid for exams of the spring semester 2020)

Insufficient grades concerning the FS2020 exams were automatically annulled.

In case you decide to keep the insufficient grade, you have to inform the VSL support (responsible for CTS) at , so that the insufficient grade can be reactivated. Make sure, that if you would like to keep an insufficient grade, you inform the VSL-Team at the latest before the next exam date of the corresponding course. The annulment of the insufficient grade of the first attempt is irreversible once the grade of the 2nd exam has been communicated. The very latest point in time that an annulment can be cancelled is January 31st 2021, if you have not yet attended a second exam or received a “Notenverfügung” until then.

If an exam is «pass/fail» (which is very seldom at the DCBP), a “fail” cannot be compensated. In this case you are forced to repeat the exam in order to get the ECTS.

Please also note that biochemistry and chemistry students from the bachelor’s program (Mono and Minor) can only compensate an insufficient grade if it is a second attempt resp. a second grade entry. If you have accepted the annulment of an insufficient grade from a first attempt in the spring semester 2020 and the 2nd attempt is insufficient as well, you would have to take the exam for a 3rd time.


Master theses at the DCB: The researches of the DCB are allowed to work in their laboratories, given that they observe certain regulations. Each group leader is putting together a work schedule for his or her group. That means that also the master students that work on a master's thesis would be allowed to work in the laboratories. Please follow the instructions of your group leader regarding who is allowed to work under what circumstances in the lab.

If a lot of time has been lost due to the special coronavirus-situation, it can be checked towards the end of the thesis period whether an extension of the master's thesis should be requested.

The lab courses of the spring semester for the chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy programs that take place at the DCB, will be conducted on site. It could be that they are held in smaller groups. Please follow the instructions sent by the lab course responsibles.